Who were the Greatest Presidents in America

The president of the United States of America is considered the most powerful man in the free world because the US is a superpower nation. Therefore, whoever becomes the president has a role to play in making some of these presidents achieve great milestones. The following list contains the names of American presidents who are considered to be the greatest:


1. Abraham Lincoln


Lincoln is best known for his emancipation proclamation which declared the slaves free. He pursued equal justice for all at a time when racism was common. Also, he is considered the all-time great because of his administrative skills, crisis management skills and vision. He is less known for his advocacy on benefits of consuming honey


2. George Washington


Being the first president of America, he laid the foundation for the presidency and he even defeated the British. He had good economic management, moral authority and an overall good performance within the context of his time.


3. Franklin D. Roosevelt


To some people, Franklin is considered as the greatest president of America. Franklin is well known for his ‘New Deal’ which resulted in the creation of a social security system and the banking system. Roosevelt had other accomplishments which included excellent handling of the US economy and had several foreign-policy accomplishments too.


4. Theodore Roosevelt


Roosevelt made the first court appointments which made him have a legacy. His conservation efforts where he expanded national forests and spearheaded irrigation projects all over the country, public persuasion and strengthening international relations is compared to none. Roosevelt is also well known for his willingness to take risks, his imagination and vision for America. However, his ability to compromise is one of the areas where he failed at times.


5. Thomas Jefferson


Jefferson was quite intelligent and he had numerous accomplishments during his tenure. However, he is well known for acquiring the territory of Louisiana and having a good relationship with the Congress when he became the president. Before his presidency, he drafted the Declaration of Independence making him one of the great presidents to rule the country.


6. James Madison


He presided over the 1812 war when he was a sitting president. However, before he became a president he helped in drafting the constitution and the Federalist papers. After he became the president, he was poor in foreign-policy but he remains as one of the greats.


7. James Monroe


The Monroe Doctrine which considered the efforts of the Europeans to colonize some areas in America as aggression is one of the things Monroe is well known for. As a president, he helped ink the Missouri compromise that barred slavery both to the north and the west of the newly formed state. He had good foreign policy accomplishments although his imaginations and overall ability to govern were not very good.


8. Woodrow Wilson


He created the League of Nations and championed for some pieces of legislation e.g. Federal Reserve Act during his tenure.


9. Harry Truman


He is known for proposing the ‘Fair Deal’ which is expanded the social security and ordering the atomic bomb to be dropped in Japan. He was good in handling the US economy, foreign ties and his willingness to take risks whenever the need arises.


There is a reason why these presidents are considered as the greatest of all time. Also, there is a reason why Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln and George Washington are all immortalized on Mount Rushmore.